Welcome to Blogcast!

This simple guide will help you get up and running with Blogcast.

Creating an account

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Guided tutorial

First things first, let's get you a Blogcast account. Open the registration page and fill out the form to create an account.

Once you create an account, you'll have to confirm your email. To do this, click on the link sent to your inbox (check the spam folder if you can't find it after a few minutes).

Adding your first article

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Guided tutorial

Now that you have an account, let's get your first article into Blogcast.

You'll be billed!

Each article you add to Blogcast will cost you one credit. Each credit costs $0.5, and the minumum number of credits you can buy at a time is 2. That is, $1. Keep this in mind before proceeding.

To get started, navigate to the Blogcast dashboard. Paste the link of the article you want to use on the input that says Link to your article, and click the Select Voice button.

A modal will open asking you for which voice to use. You can filter voices by language and gender, and listen to a sample. Once you're satisfied, click the Select button to submit the form.

You'll get a success message, and our system will start transcribing the article. This process can last between one and five minutes, so feel free to close the page if you want. In fact, I encourage you to close your computer and walk a little bit around your desk. You'll get an email when it's finished!

Adding the player to your site

Video Walkthrough

No coding required

I'm directly editing HTML for this example, but you can use whatever you are hosting your blog on.

Guided tutorial

Once the article has finished, you'll probably want to add it to your article, so your readers can listen to it.

To do this, Blogcast provides an embed code that allows you to add a little player to the top of your article.

Let's get the ball rolling! If you access your dashboard, you should see the title of the article on the Articles table. Click on the Manage Audio button next to it, and copy the embed code provided by Blogcast (hint: click on the blue clipboard button next to the code).

Now login into whichever platform you use to manage your blog, and paste that code at the top of your article. The next time you visit your article, you'll be able to listen to it, right in your blog. How cool is that?