Blogcast Sync

What is Blogcast Sync?

Sync takes blog automation to a new level by automatically detecting new articles on your blog and generating an audio for them. Paired with dynamic embeds, Sync fully automates audio on your blog.

Setting up Sync

Video Walkthrough

Guided tutorial

To start setting up Sync, head up to the sync dashboard. There, you'll see a list of your synced sources, that is, the places where Blogcast is searching for articles right now.

To add a new source, click the New Source button. You'll be asked to fill out the source type (right now the only option available is RSS, but I'll be adding more in the future), a name for you to recognize the source and the URL to your source (to your website's RSS feed). You'll also be asked to select the voice you want to use for new articles detected on that source.

As soon as you add the source, Blogcast will trigger an initial exploration, adding any articles that weren't already on the platform. From then on, Blogcast will check your source at least twice through the day and add any new articles it finds.